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Junior Division

The Junior Division (13 to 15 year olds) was the main age group in which Tiffin Area Babe Ruth League operated.  January 2012 it was decided to reorganize the League, changing the structure.  The Junior Divison was changed to Junior Varisty (13/14 year olds) and Varisty (15 to 17 year olds).  The following are the former winners of the League Championship, All Star games and various awards:


The Tiffin Area Babe Ruth League is made up of two Divisions, Travis Division and O'Brian Division.  Both Divisions have three teams.  Travis Division teams are Bair Brothers, Firefighters and Indians.  The O'Brian Division teams are FOP, Moose and Webser.

It was decided by the Board of Trustees that starting with the 1999 season, the Tiffin Area Babe Ruth League would hold a best of Three Championship Series that would determine the League Champion.  The team with the best record in each Division would face each other to play the best of three game series.

Due to low numbers, the Divisions were eliminated in 2010.


2011  Bair Brothers

2010  Bair Brothers

2009  Firefighters

2008  Fraternal Order of Police #128

2007  Bair Brothers

2006  Bair Brothers

2005  Webster

2004  Moose

2003  Moose

 O'Brian Division

2010  No Division due to lose of team

2009  Webster

2008  Fraternal Order of Police #128

2007  Webster

2006  Fraternal Order of Police #128

2005  Webster

2004  Moose

2003  Moose

 Travis Division:

2010  No Division due to lose of team

2009  Firefighters

2008  Bair Brothers

2007  Bair Brothers

2006  Bair Brothers

2005  Bair Brothers

2004  Indians

2003  Bair Brothers


All Star Competition is comprised of players selected to represent their teams in the League All Star Game.  Four players are selected from each team with one of them being a 13 year old.  A total of 12 players represent each Division, Travis and O'Brian.  The All Star Game made its inaugural game at the end of the 2005 Season

Starting with the 2006 game, a skills competition was started.  This involves five events: Running, Throwing and Batting. 

As a way to increase involvement, the League has once again made a change to the All-Star Competition.  Starting with the 2011 Season, the League was divided into a 13/14 year old game and a 14/15 year old game.  Every player in the League was elilgible to participate.  Due to time constratints, things didn't go off as planned.  However, this model will continue for the 2012 season.


Each player selects the event they wish to participate in. 

THROWING Events are:  Home to Second and Third to First

The object is to get a ball into a barrel.  There are six barrels, three on bottom, two in the middle and one on top.  Two points for the bottom three barrels, three points for the middle two and four points for the top barrel. 

The player is awarded points if the throw hits the can in flight or on one bounce.  If the ball bounces on the ground in front of the barrels without going in, one point will be given

Most points win.

RUNNING Events are:  Home to Second base, Home to Third

Best time wins


A player is given five swings to get the most points. 

Points are awarded for any ball that lands in the outfield.  A line is placed at a predetermined distance.  If the ball lands between the grass line of the infield/outfield and the line a player is awarded one point.  Between the line and the warning track, two points.  On the warning track is three points and over the fence is four points.  All hits have to be in fair territory.  If a player hits a foul ball, swings and misses or a ball first lands on the infield, no points.

Most points win.

2011  14/15 Group:  Crushers

2010  Tie

2009  Travis Division

2008  Travis Division

2007  Travis Division

2006  O'Brian Division

2005  O'Brian Division

SKILLS Competition:


Centerfield to Home:

1.  Tevin Schleter (Webster)
2.  Steve Yonts (Bair Brothers)
3.  Eric Gannon (Firefighters) and Nate Hoyda (Moose)

1.  Lee Alford (Firefighters)
2.  Phillip Eachus (Webster)
3.  David Miller (FOP)

3rd to 1st

1.  Brad Huston (Moose)
2.  Wes Steele (Webster)
3.  Steve Yonts (Bair Brohters)
4.  AJ Philmoore (Moose)

1. Jared Fleming (FOP)2009
2. Cody Pachlhofer (AJ's Heavenly Pizza) 
3. Dutin Fitch (Moose)
4. Brock Riggs (AJ's Heavenly Pizza)

1.  Cody Pachlhofer (AJ's Heavenly Pizza)
2.  Matt Banks (AJ's Heavenly Pizza)
3.  Nate Hoyda (Moose)

Home to 2nd:

1. Cody Myers (Bair Brothers)
2. Drew Smiht (Firefighters) 
3. Brad Huston (Moose)
4. Vollie Brock (Moose)

1.  Tyler Fitch (AJ's Heavenly Pizza) 
2.  Dominic King (Moose)
3.  Greg Wilson (Bair Brothers)

1.  Chandler Hoover (FOP)
2.  John Henschke (Webster)
3.  Shane Hossler (Webster)


Home to 2nd

1. Taylor Warner (Bair Brothers)
2. Drew Smith (Fire Fighters) 
3. Vollie Brock (Moose)

1.  Kyler Cook (Bair Brothers)
2.  Bram Walton (Firefighters)

1.  Brandon Schaade (Bair Brothers)
2.  Alex Cornell (Moose)
3.  Devin Dixion (Clyde)

Home to 3rd

1. Tevin Schleter (Webster)
2. Aaron Kidwell () 
3. Tyler Immele ()
4. Nate Rider ()

1.  Billy Roe (Bair Brothers)
2.  Tevin Schleter (Webster)
3.  Cody Myers (Firefighters)
4.  Tyler Immele (FOP)

1. Brandon Schaade (Bair Brothers)
2. Ben  Hoyda (Moose)
3. Greg Wilson (Bair Brothers)


1. Taylor Warner (Bair Brothers)
2. Steve Yonts (Bair Brothers) 
3. AJ Philmoore and Nate Hoyda (Moose)

1. Derec Blodgett (Bair Brothers)
2.  Tyler Warner (Firefighters)
3.  Brandon Fowler (Moose)
4. Cory Prenzlin (Moose)

1.  Brandon Banks-Sherer (FOP)
2.  Taylor Warner (Firefighters)
3.  Jordan Price  (Firefighters)


Golden Glove Award

The name speaks for itself.  The "Golden Glove" award is awarded to the player who has demonstrated outstanding glove work for the season.  This award made its debut during the 2007 Season.


2007  Pitcher:  Austin Price (Webster)    Catcher:  Phil Chavez (Webster)   First Base:  Taylor Miller (FOP #128)   Second Base:  Brandon Mesnard (Bair Brothers)   Short Stop:  Jamin Fuller (Bair Brothers)    Third Base:  Jason Smith (FOP #128)   Outfield:  Chase Dull (Moose)   Billy Reiter-Hohman (Indians)   Lee Alford (Firefighters)

The 2008 Season brought a change with this award.  It is now awarded to the top player from each team.


2010-2011:  None awarded due to changes in League structure

2009:  AJ's Heavenly Pizza:  Cody Pachlhofer    Bair Brothers:  Billy Roe     Firefighters:  Cody Myers     FOP:  Jared Flemming     Moose:  Mike Peacock     Webster:  Jeff Fretz

2008:   AJ's Heavenly Pizza:  Jordan Price         Bair Brothers:  Billy Roe    Clyde:  Alex Dorithy                               Firefighters:  Jordan Price    FOP:  Chad Dewald         Moose:  Ben Hoyda       Webster:  Tony Vassalle

 All Star MVP

The All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award is awarded to the player who has the most outstanding all around performance during the League All-Star Game. 

     This award made its debut during the 2007 Season


2010-2011  No winner due to change in League structure

2009  Taylor Warner (Firefighters) 1000, 2 for 2, 1 run, 2 RBIs

2008  Jordan Price (Firefighters)

2007  Brandon Schaade (Bair Brothers)


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